When you stop separating “self” from “other” and realize that we all share similar needs and fears, the world becomes a less hostile place. Compassion for the suffering of others erases the perceived target on your forehead.

New (for me) Music

TV On The Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain (specifically “Province”)

TV On The Radio - Dear Science (specifically “Halfway Home”)

St. Vincent - Strange Mercy (specifically “Cruel,” “Cheerleader,” and “Strange Mercy”)

GAYNGS - Relayted (specifically “Faded High" and "Last Prom on Earth”)

Solid Gold - Bodies of Water (specifically “Who You Gonna Run To?”)

Mountain Goats - The Sunset Tree (specifically “You Or Your Memory”)

hidden pages on the internet

honest infants

potential future success for internet phenomena

don’t fuck with a tiger, unless you see creases and folds